How do I download a clip?

For subscribers: LOGIN > Browse for a pack > hover your mouse over a clip > click the available DNx, ProRes, or H264 links. For individual pack purchases: LOGIN > Packs Purchased > View > hover your mouse over a clip > click the available DNx, ProRes, or H264 links.

Licensing / What's included?

Subscription members have unlimited access to our entire catalogue of film clips to use in private or public commercial video production on any platform worldwide. Packs purchased individually have the same unlimited licensing terms applied.

Duration of License?

Any footage downloaded as an active subscription member can be used in any film/video/web production in perpetuity for projects created during your subscription period. FilmHERO will not seek additional fees for those productions once your subscription expires. You can't create NEW film/tv/web edits from the downloaded footage once membership expires. If you purchase packs individually then these clips may be included in future edits indefinitely.

What if the footage is for my third party client?

If you've been commissioned to produce a commercial or personal film for a client, then it's OK for you to use the FilmHERO footage in that production. The client is not able to use the footage beyond the production you were commissioned to produce.

How many employees or collaborators can use the license?

We sell the license by number of editing seats used inside your company. Buying 5 seats for example will give 5 company editors access to the footage. A single license permits an individual editor in the same business. Anyone working outside of the company such as a contractor would need their own license.

Can I resell FilmHERO media?

The license permits you to sell your film/tv/web production that includes FilmHERO content as part of your creation, but you cannot resell the individual media.

Can I see a preview of the 4K footage?

Yes, you can download a free watermarked preview clip directly from packs. This is very useful when compiling edits or pitching ideas to clients. However, if you are not a subscription member or haven't purchased the pack then you cannot use the watermarked previews in a commercial project.

Is the footage royalty free?

Yes, the pack purchaser, subscription member and their clients can use the footage royalty-free.

Are there any restrictions on platform distribution?

No, you can distribute your film on any platform such as film, tv, web, games, apps and also platforms that may not yet exist.

Can I use the footage in branded advertising?

Yes we like to see our footage out there. There's no additional cost.

Can I use the footage in any project?

As long as it's under our terms of ‘Proper use' then yes.

What is "Proper use"?

The Licensee is prohibited from using the Content in any of the following ways. Use of the Content in an unlawful manner or in violation of any applicable regulations or industry codes; pornography; use of the Content in any way which could reasonably be considered to be unnecessarily controversial or is likely to cause offence to the reasonable person; use of the Content in a manner which is likely to cause harm to the Licensor or any model or actor appearing in the Content, such as use which would induce the public to lose respect for the Licensor or any actor or model; where a Product consists of mainly Content, representing that the Licensee is the sole owner of the copyright subsisting in the Product; and use of the Content to create a digital template to be used outside of the Licensee's business.

Can I download every shot in the catalogue?

Yes, your subscription is unlimited to everything we have now and fresh content as it becomes available.

Can I transfer my license?

No, sorry.

Can I alter the media?

Yes, we hope you're creative with our content. This does not permit the resale of individual clips once altered however.

How many clips are there in a pack?

From 3 to 20+ depending on the individual pack. We aim to have a generous number in each to aid your edit.

What resolution and framerate do you provided?

Clips are all 4K resolution at 29.97 per second. We chose these frame rates as it is easier to go down in frames rather than up (frame interpolation not required). We don't want you to be limited by lower frame rate.

What Codecs do you offer?

We provided H264 (graded), DNxHQ (flat ungraded) and Prores (flat ungraded). We want editors to have the flexibility to grade from a flat look to a look that suits your project.

How do I download my files?

Once a pack is purchased or you've subscribed to FilmHERO you will be able to click the download button on each clip or from your saved project folders. On some browsers your left click is sufficient but on others, right click and ‘save as' will initiate downloads straight away.

Can I preview all the clips within a pack?

Yes, if you hover over any clip, we provide a sample video for download. This is watermarked unlike purchased clips.

Why should I choose FilmHERO video clips?

4K everything! No price difference for web or TV resolutions. Just the best available.
Almost everything has been shot on RED Cinema Cameras or Phantom Flex Super Slow Motion cameras.
Huge variety of packs and themes.
Easy to find footage from many angles, ideas and concepts for your project needs. Some of our packs even have extra sound effects that can be purchased separately.

Do you require a film credit when I use your clips?

No you don't have to but it's always nice for us to see it! Credit:

Are FilmHERO clips exclusive or non-exclusive?

Our clips are all non-exclusive which means that other people are also using this footage in their projects. If you would like to make one or more of our clips exclusive to you please contact us directly.

Is it OK for me to give access to the media through an intranet?

No, it can only be accessed locally by the individual purchaser / single editor.

What about redistributing clips or packs?

You are not permitted to license a FilmHERO pack and make it available for browsing, viewing or on-demand selection 'as-is' (certainly not as a stand alone clip or stock item). These clips, audio and media are intended for use within projects and edits.

Do you offer refunds?

We provide useable watermarked previews to avoid you selecting the wrong clips. If there's a quality problem we will first resolve the issue and in the event of an ongoing fault with our product we will offer a refund.

How do we contact FilmHERO if there's a problem?

Please email